The Premiere SWG Pre-CU Emulation Server

The release of a SWG Pre-CU emulation is right around the corner, and we plan to be here when that moment arives! Keeping true to Star Wars Galaxies, True Galaxies aims to host a top-notch, high quality community server and provide players an amazing experience that closely mimicks that of the original SWG Pre-CU.

You can view updates from the SWGEmu and SWGAnh development teams at their respective sites, www.swgemu.com and www.swganh.com. Beta play is available on SWGEmu's Basilisk server.

Interested in joining us when we go live?

Let us know by leaving us your name and email.

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Note: By showing interest and/or subscribing to email updates, you are not registering for play on True Galaxies. In the near future, TG will open up pre-launch server account creation and character reservation. Those subscribing to email updates will be informed when this occurs.

We're Recruiting!

True Galaxies is seeking community members to fill several key roles on its staff. Those who join have an amazing opportunity to greatly shape the future of True Galaxies.
  • Game Master
    • Moderate ingame and forum activities.
    • Interact with community members to bring issues to staffs' attentions.
    • Handle support tickets.
  • Forum Moderator
    • Moderate forum activities.
  • Developer
    • Multiple roles including website, API, and server development.
    • C++, Ruby on Rails, PHP, MySQL
    • All levels of experience welcome.
  • For more information and instruction on applying, see the forum thread.


True Galaxies has reached its 2012 upkeep goal of $140. Thanks for the support!
We are not seeking additional donations at this time.
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